More gratification than you can imagine.

help-main_61034You already know you feel better when you give to someone else or to a charity.

But did you know there’s scientific evidence for that feeling?

A study titled Feeling Good about Giving: The Benefits (and Costs) of Self-Interested Charitable Behavior, by the Harvard Business School faculty and grad students, uses functional MRI (fMRI) evidence to show that giving money to charity leads to similar brain activity in regions associated with pleasure and reward.

A different level of analysis shows volunteering to increase life satisfaction. Higher levels of volunteer work are associated with higher levels of overall life satisfaction.

What’s more, students who engaged in random acts of kindness were significantly happier than control students.

If you’re interested in reading the Harvard publication, click here.

Of course, you don’t really need the research. You’ve done your own.


What’s for breakfast at your home? Bet it’s better than nothing.

help-nutrition_240_f_63086031_qzgwb7erdjfltl5poznnk0m2tujyhg6xThe key service we provide for guests is good, sound nutrition. Of course lack of food is harmful to everyone, but it’s devastating for children.

Kids who don’t have proper nutrition can suffer serious physical and mental disabilites, as well as educational achievement. They’re more likely to require hospitalization and may be at higher risk for chronic health conditions like anemia and asthma. Not to mention behavioral and social problems, including anxiety, aggression and bullying.

Pregnant women who lack nutrition are more likely to experience birth complications, resulting in delayed development and children with learning difficulties.

Seniors are also at increased risk for chronic health conditions, including depression, greater likelihood for hearth attack, asthma and congestive heart failure.

So here’s the bottom line. You are going to pay for these folks in hospitals, emergency centers and through welfare programs. Why not help a few of them stay a bit ahead of the curve?


Clothes & toiletries. Pretty basic, incredibly important.

help-clothing_240_f_45391533_ef7rh5bx447zzajapwtr1nh4w6dvfjckYou wake up every morning, look in the mirror and you see a reflection of the things that we all just take for granted. They’re basics. Shaving cream. Sharp razors. Soap.

But there are so many people who simply don’t have them. Can’t wash, let alone shave. Can’t wash, let alone apply your lipstick.

Got some extra shampoo bottles or soaps from the hotel? Send ’em our way and they’ll help someone apply for a job!


From showers to school supplies. Every dollar makes a difference.

help-additional-careSo many people think of NoonDay as a day shelter, which we are. But we offer our guests so much more than a meal and a restful place to find a little peace and quiet.

Here are a few of the goods and services we offer, beginning with The Alex Fund:

• School Supplies
• Christian Legal Aid
• Heading Home housing assistance
• Health Care for the Homeless
• Bicycle repair
• Identification Card assistance
• Veterans Stand Down  and other veteran support programs


You can’t get it from a GPS.

It has to come from the heart and soul. But when your heart and soul are hungering and you’re sleeping on the street, it’s easy to lose your way. So part of our mission here at The Rock is to help our guests find their way back to the path. Individual counseling as well as group services help us to help those in need of a spiritual feeding as much as a meal.