Alex gave. So can you.

His name was Alex and he was five years old. He was extremely energetic and very spiritually sensitive. His mother called him her “Wild Cherub”. He loved God and Jesus with all his heart and loved being part of his family. Alex was a young man of courage and an amazing prayer warrior. He loved people and prayed for the needs of those he loved and for those he didn’t even know. He was a friend to everybody. He played hard, laughed much and loved easily.

Alex also loved to give. He cheerfully contributed to the offering every Sunday at church. He never went by a “Help the Homeless” box at the grocery store without asking, “Mommy, can I have some money to give to the poor?” He loved the Salvation Army bell ringer at Christmas time, and enjoyed choosing a toy in the store for the child he had “picked” off the Angel Tree at church.

Thanks to Jesus in Alex’s heart and a little help from Veggie Tales, Alex knew that “a thankful heart is a happy heart.” Because of his precious heart, Alex touched many people and made the world a better place in his five short years on this earth. For reasons we will never understand, Alex went home to be with God and Jesus on February 2, 2004. Alex’s parents, brother and sister asked that memorial gifts in memory of Alex be given to Noon Day so that Alex’s love of giving would continue and the Noon Day Board decided to establish a special fund for children in his memory. The Alex Fund is dedicated to bettering the lives of homeless and near homeless children in New Mexico.