“Showing people the compassion of Christ to introduce them to the salvation of Christ.”

We see them on our street corners. Sometime we give, sometimes we avoid eye contact. For others in our community, they struggle to make ends meet and don’t know where their next meal will come from. Men, women, and children right here in our city. The neighbors we are called by Christ to love.

While the stories change, the need is the same. Whether it’s addiction, abuse, neglect, lean times, or bad choices, these homeless and destitute individuals need the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform their lives and renew their hearts. This is the message we exist to spread, and we do it through a meal. Consider what David says—a gentleman who came to us homeless and in need of clothing and spiritual guidance:

“The Rock at Noon Day has given me so much, I don’t know where to start. When I first came to Noon Day, I was homeless without much of anything. Since that time, I have food and clothing. . . The Rock is absolutely essential! The services, food, laundry, showers and everything else provided make a big difference. The homeless count on The Rock for everyday life.”

Last year we served more than 118,000 meals to the homeless and materially poor just like David, and this year the demand has only increased. Right now, we are serving more than 370 meals every day, and we need your help. $25 a month provides 20 meals for Albuquerque’s homeless. Please consider partnering with us by providing a monthly gift today.

Your generosity enables us to provide tangible, life-affirming service to the homeless, hungry, and hurting in our city and provide them with the message of real hope in Jesus Christ. Please consider what you can give today, and thank you for partnering with us to make a difference in Albuquerque!

When you select a recurring donation, the Rock will process your gift every month using the method of payment that you identified. You can cancel or change this donation at any time by contacting us at 505.246.8001 X103

The Rock at Noonday is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and charitable contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift and estate taxes.

By Mail:

Make your checks payable to The Rock at Noonday and send them to:
The Rock at NoonDay
P.O. Box 25451
Albuquerque, NM 87125

Want to give monthly through your bank account?

Email us at give@therockabq.com


TEXT-TO-GIVE 505.322.6832

An easy way to give from your mobile phone through @Pay. Simply text the amount you would like to give a follow the prompts. The donation will go directly to The Rock at NoonDay.

Now supporting our mission is even easier!  Through CaringCent, you can now donate directly from your everyday credit or debit card purchases to the Rock at NoonDay. Just register your card and when you shop, your purchase total will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The difference is then donated to support our mission!

You can sign up to register your debit/credit card and the purchases you make will be rounded up to the nearest dollar. The difference is then donated to support the Rock!


Got soup and a warm sweater? Imagine living on the street.

It’s getting cold out there. You know how you bundle up to get from the house to the car?

Imagine not having a house or a car or anything to bundle in.

We need your gently used coats, sweaters, long-johns, all those warm things you aren’t using.

Speaking of warm, how about going to the grocery store and picking up soup or other pantry items to help your brothers and sisters?



Toothbrushes & haircuts. The things we take for granted.

When was the last time you had a haircut? Last week? Last month? Do you remember?

Here’s an equation: Haircut = Confidence.

Another one: Personal Hygiene = Job, maybe.

Here are a few necessities you may want to include :

Personal hygiene items are a must at The Rock. Our guests need them to shower and care for themselves. Consider donating travel size toiletries and other items such as toothpaste and combs.

Bring’em to The Rock!


Plan your giving. Your family will get the benefits.

Your planned gift is a legacy funded during your lifetime or after your death. Your estate planner can help you get this established to support the Rock at Noonday. You’ll have the satisfaction of aiding Albuquerque’s homeless—improving their lives in a very real, life-sustaining way—while at the same time leaving behind a legacy of generosity of spirit, caring and action.

The tax advantages are substantial and there are many giving options that can assure you of income for the rest of your life. Here are a few types of planned gifts:

• Life insurance • Closely held stock • Living trust
• Retained Life Estate • Charitable Trust • Charitable Annuity

We hope you’ll make a date with your financial counselor and consider The Rock at NoonDay in this process.


Want to see your gift work twice as hard? We’ll match It!

Happily, there are numerous foundations and companies which will match your gift to The Rock according to a pre-determined match ratio (usually 1:1).

For foundations, matching gifts are in the form of grants made directly to us, under the qualifying condition that we’ll raise a set quantity of money before the grant is bestowed.

Ask your employer if they’ll match your tax deductible gift.

Bottom line? You win, we win, your organization wins and most of all, you’ve given our guests sort of a break-even. Thank you!


A few things we need right now.

You know all those little bottles of shampoo and lotion that you throw in your suitcase after a business trip? We need them now. Also the jeans that fit you 2 years ago. Someone else can wear them now. These are just some of the things that we need for our guests to feel human again.



• Men’s pants sizes 32, 34, and 36 • Men’s/Women’s white socks all sizes
• Men’s/Women’s underwear in all sizes • Tennis shoes in all sizes for men and women
• Combs • Toothbrushes
• Travel-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and hand lotion • Feminine hygiene items