Founded as Noon Day Ministries in 1982. home-old-noonday
Same mission, better place.

Noon Day was founded more than 30 years ago by Calvin and Ruth Horn and the Horn family who saw a great need and took a stand against the destructiveness of homelessness.

We soon became one of New Mexico’s largest feeding programs, serving over 108,000 meals yearly not just to adults, but to lots of kids.

home-exteriorToday we ‘re much more than a provider of nutritious, well-balanced meals, free to our guests, but we’re also a day-shelter providing for those in need.

Our new location better serves our guests. Our new name, The Rock at Noonday, supports our new strength.

Our long-standing promise to help those who have fallen on hard times get back on their feet stands even stronger.

We need your help. Contribute now, just as those who have supported our mission for so long. Be like them. Be the Rock.


Remember how it feels to miss a meal? Now think about missing them all.

We all know the key to survival is nutrition. Without it you can’t be healthy, can’t work, can’t even think straight, let alone plan for a job to improve your life.

And as a kid, how can you study and learn with an empty stomach? How can you get out of that place?home-loving-spoonful

That’s why last year we served over 113,000 meals to men, women and lots of children who bear no responsibility for their plight as they’re carried along on the rising tide of homelessness.

That’s more than 360 breakfasts and lunches every single day to homeless people who desperately need our help.

Is their problem your problem?  Yes it is.

Visit The Rock to see firsthand how the meals – and the services – we provide promote self-sufficiency.

Watch our lunch service in action and meet some of our people – volunteers (some of whom are our homeless brothers and sisters) and our gifted staff, who make us truly unique.


A few recent stories of people who have been to The Rock.

We suspect you wouldn’t have come to our website if you didn’t believe as we do, that helping others is not just an obligation or responsibility. It’s a blessing that we are able to, that we can.

We can, therefore we do.

Read through these stories, and you’ll see the difference you can make every day.

Doug lost his parents, his job and nearly everything else. Then he discovered The Rock at NoonDay.

“In 2008 I lost my father and mother. Then I lost my job at Aero Space Engineering as a machinist.

“I had to sell my Harley motorcycle to pay rent and take trip to California to bury my parents next to my wife.

“I lost almost everything and when I got back I was homeless and living in truck.  I was unemployed and lost all hope in life.

“I found out about NoonDay Ministries and started coming on a regular basis. One day I asked Danny Whatley if he had a typewriter I could use because I wanted to give out resumes when I looked for a job. He saw that I am a machinist with many years of experience and asked if I wanted to work at NoonDay.

“Since then, life is OK. I don’t make $28 an hour as I did when I was a machinist but I now have a truck, a nice place to live and more important, a family.

“I have had serious health issues the past two years and NoonDay has been there for me. I have been given rides to the hospital and I know the people at NoonDay care about and pray for me.

“When I drive around town, people recognize me and tell me stories of what NoonDay has done for them.  They say, ‘NoonDay helped my friend, my aunt, me’. Thanks to The Rock at NoonDay I have never been stronger in my spiritual life than I am now.”


A stroke stripped Jean and her husband Rob of the life they knew. Then they discovered The Rock at NoonDay.

Jean and Rob have been married since October, 1994, when Jean was in school and Rob worked to provide for them both.

In 2000 their world turned upside down when Jean suffered a massive stroke that left her paralyzed from the waist down and confined to a wheelchair. Subsequent strokes left her without the use of her right side and robbed her of the ability to speak clearly.

Rob has become her constant companion and 24 hour care giver. While they receive Social Security disability and Rob is compensated for being Jean’s care giver they still struggle to make ends meet. While not homeless, they discovered NoonDay in 2004 and are now regulars.

Jean and Rob have told us we provide the best lunch in the city and that one meal allows them the resources at the end of the month to buy other necessities for life.

Asked what Jean and Rob like best about NoonDay, Jean began communicating with sign language. She signed “F” then “a,” “m.” I asked if she were spelling the word “family” and Jean nodded, “yes!”

As the Director of NoonDay, I have found this to be true so often! Guests have a great meal, safety, security, fellowship, comfort, compassion plus, as Jean so eloquently put it, a sense of family.

Danny Whatley,

Executive Director

David was homeless, without food, clothing or spiritual counseling. Then he discovered The Rock at NoonDay.

The Rock at NoonDay has given me so much, I don’t know where to start. When I first came to NoonDay, I was homeless without much of anything. Since that time, I have food and clothing.

They provided personal and spiritual counseling that really helped. They connected me with Heading Home, and I was able to get an apartment. At The Rock I received needed healthcare and medical services from Healthcare for the Homeless.

The Rock is absolutely essential! The services, food, laundry, showers and everything else provided make a big difference. The homeless count on The Rock for everyday life.